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Carson Rodgers

This might be a stretch but when you're playing Ethan in maurgarites place... you walk down a hallway and there's nothing there but when you come back flys jump through the windows.... resident evil 1 reference

Kit Kat

I have BPD too and it's really hard to live with it. A lot of people think I use it as an excuse.

Twiz Plays

I also like making games for my friends, but only in scratch.

Salim Salin




Colleen Kitchenman

Team necklace

Gerd von Rundstedt

wrong goal horn

Great video

Chandra Barrier

12 bounces

Bucky Films

Boi this video is a fake. Even if the story is true, the person speaking isn’t the creator of Adidas. He himself, the speaker, said things that happened what? 1930 something!!! For when this video was uploaded he would be dead. Because I remember when he said 1930 something (I’m not bothering to go back and see the exact year but Ik it was in the 1930’s) I remember when he said 1930 something he was talking about times as an ADULT!! He couldn’t have lived long enough to make this video a reality. Unless you were to find this recording from a loooonnngggg time ago. ( Not a likely story cough cough) And even if he was still alive his voice wouldn’t be that young. He would at least have to sound younger. So please, the creator of this YouTube video please make it more accurate and actually have the actual person this is about take credit for it. Not a random guy voicing it...

Sumedha Achwal

Are you all brothers

Janine Dawson

I loveyourvitos

Ben Barker

This is the funniest rage monster ever

XeL Alex Indonesia


Kira _

What was that emote

Angel Marin

I guess that The Expanse season 4 opening will have live action footage.

Bailey Blowers

France will win

When you smile you can breathe This Story is Abs Cussing🚫 please sub :(

Jesus Christ

And i can barely do a lay up...

Black The Nerevarine

What kind of garbage society do you live in where doctors and hospitals act like this!? There are ways to help and treat it, telling you that. "oh don't come back" is the most childish and immature thing a hospital can do.

daylen graham

Waiting for infinity wars easter eggs

Quinn Quinn

1like =GO POLLY!!!

Aryanna Salas

Awwwww I love how Catharine was 😁

KaDasia Broomfield

The title doesn’t even make sense to me, if u were “bestfriends” why would u bully her 🤦‍♀️and how does someone else MAKE you hate somebody like what 😑


Ok, but some times you have to punish kids. If they do some thing, they shouldn't, and they KNOW better, you punish them, fairly. But don't get mad or anything. Just calmy tell them their punishment and why.

Connor Belote

That first Easter egg.. You were.. Joking when you said it was "The greatest line in cinema history".. Right?