Emtee LEAVING Ambitiouz Entertainment. (THOUGHTS)

GermanLeader234 :D

I am the ball hunter, finds magically finds his ball every time,PGA rule enforcer and I overestimate my range....

FeetBEicky 123

This whole video is just JJ flexing


Poor panda... i love watching your guys old videos xD 2019?

John Rex Sibuera

My favorite trick shot is the last one it's so cool 😎

Syifa Rizki

Take a picture!😂😂😂

toto 07

dog win

Tobias Mattsson

5:15 W.T.F

Will Gregor

Ny jets All the way

YouTube Verified Admin

naidu kandregula

I think Tyler team will win

ayime _

Cheating is so old. Leave if you’re not ready, don’t rush into things.

LYNX Gaming

I do olny find true thumbnains only here

Jessica Tyson

I dont know what to say at all..

Yuri Lilly

Never compromise. Do what ever you need to do for happiness.take pills if you want and where all the clothes you want.

nyah nieves

This video was just.... bad

Dinger Donkey wiffle ball


Beast Slayer9000

10 years laterPeople are still asking for likesLike if you relate :-)

But ....

King Juelz

How about you don’t use the trampoline


I like the last easter eggs


0:20 We’ve got the gum goblin here...____shut up.....

Shabana Abdul Khader

The hair dryer shot

Beaine boo Queen

My grades where dropping A- what?

SeaSea 1367

Where they so mean to Ethan


iii_HiShadowPlayzz_iii YT

I eat too much


this is not like jedi academy... this is a starwars creed odyssey

Jazuana Hawkins

I got so excited when this came out now

How could someone do that to this poor girl!


How come Ty had no beard at the start then poof instantly grows one

jerry jeffry

This is the only video they included bloopers laughed a lot

Nick Pitts

I like to imagine sams as stoned making this I am watching it LMAOOO

Tyler Pauls

This was my very first Dude Perfect video.


i was thinking that i was having crohns disesase or ulcerative colits be caus emy poop was black and a nanoleter of blood and it was acting like a gattling gun moving at full speeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed

Bunny’s K-Life

When you hate Fortnite.

kukara xd

wtf its all scripted,literally no one but Tyler wins if im gonna be honest

Easy cowboy, it wasn’t that long ago

Isabella April

Drew Brees!


Кирилл Калинин

Привет от зрителя из России)))