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Gerox Drakon Gameplays

Instructions unclear:Got my wife pregnant with aliens.


First of your videos (as far as i know) to use the same song twice no complaints good song nice video as usual fun with guru

Vishnu M

Awesome dudes

Shahmeer Dp's biggest fan

It was the funniest thing ty did:3:39

sjkgldrf jsrhbsj

Damn... hey MinuteVideos, where do you get your music???

Markus Naab

How much did it cost you?

Sony: Hold my beer


Why would your husband kill himself? Btw great vid! Umm... what was on your stomach? Omg! thats terrible.😟😟❤💙💚💛💜💓💕💖💗💘💝👍👍

Sophia Redwood

This video got really factual really quickly, am I the one who accidentally started tuning it out at one point? 😂

VienerBowling !!!

Belmonte just copied norm duke and Chris Barnes!!!

Brent Perry

These niggas need to drop an album NOW to make up for all the legendary vibes we missed over the years.

Tiree Muteze

Why do i find this so satisfying



its about time you posted something longer than a minute that isnt riddled with ads...

Gigi J

0:08 james charles not saying "hey sisters" in his video

Brydon Torres

Just like Destiny i am the only stupid person in our family

Dawn Spurgeon

Whats the site called for fantasy football

Araceli Chapa

um whats you name again and his name is JJJJOOOOHHHNNN  CEEEEEENNNNNAAAAA


lol is that the only excuse you can come up with

Waylon Delancy

Good video


Haha three pointer! And this is real

CRBgaming Liechti

yeah, if u watch their bloopers, the backboard breaks

Phan On fire


Diane Paladin

Phico path 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆🤔😯

Oumou Camara

OMG u wrote Harry Potter???? wow😃😃😃😀

M Baddemerol

Autism doesn't have to bad tho, most times it only has more benefits

Nikki Cummings

who is the panda

Mohd Saman

yeah we're is Garrett